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Saturday, 25 February 2017

Top 12 Game of thrones season 7 predictions

Top 10 Game of thrones season 7 predictions

Game of thrones season 7 predictions that you can check out in this post. As we all know game of thrones season 6 is over and game of thrones fans are  waiting for season 7.

We have got some of the speculations regarding game of thrones season 7 about what will happen in game of thrones season 7

Check out our some of the game of thrones season 7 predictions.

1. Will Arya and Nymeria reunite.
As we all know that Arya is in Riverlands going to Freys. Only two direwolves left are Nymeria and Ghost. So we think Arya will come back.

2. Also Arya and Melisandre.
We think there is perfect setup for Arya and Melisandre to meet again as Melisandre is heading towards south while Arya is heading to north for Winterfell.

3. Will Littlefinger mess up Jon and Sansa's new life.
As we know Petyr Baelish has convinced Sansa to stab in the back of her cousin Jon. during the finale Sansa tells Jon that “Only fool will trust Littlefinger” this is one of our game of thrones season 7 predictions.

4. Will Jon know the truth about his parents
We think that Jon is likely to discover the truth about his parents during the visit to Winterfell. However Bran already know the truth about Jon. According to us this is the one of the best Game of thrones season 7 predictions.

5. Will Bran cross the Wall
As Bran is heading south of the wall then it is likely that he will ruin the protective and massive structure that wa built, This will allow Night king’s armies to  break the wall.

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6. Jon will fight with the White Walkers
As we know winter is coming which means that Jon, the wildlings and their
swords will meet on battlefield when they breach the wall.  Hope Valyrian stell sword will work against White Walkers.

7. Lyanna Mormont will be playing a big role.
Lyanna is the one of the first and fiercest supporter of Jon. We think she will have a big role in the coming game of thrones season 7.  

8. Daenerys will go to her homeland.
In the early of season 7 we think Dany will likely to arrive in Westeros and after a long time Targaryen will also make it to home.

9. Tyrion will fight with his siblings — in battle.
Last time in season 6 we have seen that Tyrion is heading towards seven kingdoms. According to our game of thrones season 7 predictions Tyrion will have to face his siblings to fight for kingdom.  

10.  Sam will learn important things
Sam explores massive library when he arrives at Citadel. Sam will learning to defeat the White Walkers before they wipe out entire Westeros. We are positive that he will do this task.

11. There will be a test for Jon and Sansa’s relationship
This pair of cousins hardly know each other before they got together this could add some strain in their relationship.  

12. Cersei will seek revenge on the Starks
As we know Cersei blames Sansa for her son’s death. It’s sure that there will be strong response by her either by proxy or by sending her own armies.

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