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Friday, 5 May 2017

Game of Thrones Season 7 Spoiler : Red Woman

Did you remember the older bastards like Walder Frey, younger men like Ramsay Bolton and the little one Joffrey Baratheon whom we hated from the core of our hearts? But did you remember the "Red Lady" named Melisandre whom we also hated the most? Melisandre who is priestess and supporter of Red God or Lord of Light, who has turned down his own ways to help Stannis Baratheon who is the biggest  contender of the Iron Throne, who is battling for his claim. Nothing much has been left for her as Stannis has gone out of his life, so now it is time to see how Melisandre's journey will be continued from this point.

Spoilers about Red Lady and Predictions too

In the First Episode of the second season, we noticed Melisandre from the beginning, and her actions clearly prove that she is not going to be the favorite character of the series "Game of Thrones." Melisandre killed people who raised their voice against her or Stannis in order to serve the name of Lord of Light. She completely convinced Stannis that he was the only true King with her magic skills, fire-ey visions, and some other capabilities. King Robert's bastard Gendry, whom Melissa Andre had been bringing up to Stannis so that Leeches can suck his blood which he can burn into a fire to ask the Lord of Light to kill his rivals for the Iron Throne which actually worked later on. Suddenly we see that Red lady Melisandre gave birth to some shadowy thing which appears like Stannis and that shadow killed Renly Baratheon. He also convinced Stannis to kill her own daughter which she did actually. Now, she became the most hated character in the series until Season 5 ends when Jon Snow who was everyone's favorite was killed and people started liking Melisandre. So reviving Jon Snow in the 6th season doesn't mean that it would be the end of her journey in the series. As the season ends, we saw that Jon rejects help from her in future battles, only there was one hint left in the season which got unexplained about her.

Predictions about Red Lady in Game of Thrones in season 7

In the very first episode of Season 6, we saw that how Melisandre transforms to an ugly witch from beautiful enchantress and without clothes too. We were not able to see Red Lady much except for the reason when she brings back Jon Snow and other memories. However, it was not explained much in the series. But we can expect this in an upcoming season. So coming to the journey of her in Season 7, we will see that Melisandre is going to move towards him Band without Banners where we find Thoros of Myr who is also the follower of Lord of Light. As we see Thoros of Myr will bring back his friend Beric Dondarrion from death, so hoping same as well from Melisandre who can also bring Jon Snow back to the life. Melisandre finds Thoros and Band of Banners the only suitable place where she can go. If she did so, Arya Stark is the person who will hate her. In the season 7 of Game of Thrones, if the Melisandre joins the Band of Banners who happens to be near Riverrun, it might be her last season when we will be able to see her. In the upcoming seasons, we will see that there could be more chances where we get to know about Red God and also about her.  
Anyways, we noticed that even love or hatred, Melisandre has been considered interesting and popular characters in the Game of Thrones. So it would be very exciting to see her stories continued in the upcoming series. So stay tuned with us to know more updates about your favorite characters on Game of Thrones and predictions.

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