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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

The most beloved actress Sophie Turner drops HUGE spoiler about season 7 of games of Thrones

Are you fond of Games of Thrones? Do you like to watch the HBO’s most famous show, Games of Thrones? Yes? If so, then there is a huge shocking and exciting news for you, what? Just keep calm and stay relaxed, HBO’s most beloved and one of the most popular shows, Games of Thrones Season 7 is expecting to welcome back one of its most beloved characters. Numerous of fans of this Games of Thrones were get disappointed with the death of Hodor in the previous sixth season and the fans have speculated Kristian Nairn as the hero to return in the show. One of the most famous actresses of games of thrones, ‘Carice has posted a picture to the Twitter this weekend which has spread the rumors about returning of Melisandre in this upcoming season 7. The actress, Sophie Turner of the most popular show on HBO has dropped a major spoiler about the returning of one of the most beloved characters to be back in the show which is expecting to be shown in the upcoming season 7 of the show. This return has not yet confirmed but it may be possible according to the rumors and pictures being posted to the Twitter by the actress of this show. Lets see what will happen in game of throne season 7 episode 1
On the one side, it is speculated that the return of Melisandre may be possible and on the contrary, it is speculated that the return of Hodor is possible. Hodor is one of the giant types of character in this show of Games of Thrones which was shown as dead in the previous season and numerous fans were still expecting his return in the show due to his loving role. Sophie Turner is one of the eldest actresses of this show who plays an appreciable role in the Stark family, she has disclosed several hints about the expected dramatic change in her relationship with her brother, Jon Snow. A little bit of jealousy is also be expected in the upcoming in season 7 of Games of Thrones. The most famous actress Sophie Turner feel that she deserves the title of Queen in the upcoming season 7 of Games of Thrones.
She is a little jealous due to this reason which is expecting to be deserved in the upcoming season. This actress has also shared that once meek and fearful Sansa is expecting to be going as totally different this season. She is one of the strongest and steely actresses in the upcoming season. The upcoming season 7 is going to be full of fantasy and the fans of this show are struggling a lot to contain their amazing excitement. Their wait is going to be over almost as the show has to be released next month in the mid of July 2017. Numerous of its trailers have given a charming glimpse of a more intense tone for the next seven episodes of this show to its fans.

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